Become a Member: Join ASE!

ASE is the only organization dedicated specifically to building community strength and advocating for change on Chicago’s southeast side.

As a coalition of organizations and leaders, with a tiny staff and a committed group of volunteers, our strength comes entirely from our members. If you want to join this critical work – to make jobs not jails the pathway for our youth leaders; to make our schools and neighborhoods safer during an epidemic of gun violence; to fight for real economic justice with a true multicultural coalition  — join ASE today.

Yes! I stand with ASE and Chicago’s southeast side!

Support our campaigns as an individual or as a community partner!

Individuals: Concerned, active residents are key to making our campaigns successful. Receive updates on campaigns and opportunities to participate in upcoming events on campaigns you are interested in. Keep current with ASE campaigns and projects.

Community Partners: Our community partners are the heart of ASE. These organizations help plan campaigns, actions, events, forming a powerful network of churches, businesses, schools, non-profits, and labor organizations. ASE partners help provide strategic input, share resources, and network with one another to set priorities and win real victories in southeast Chicago. Community Partners can include: businesses, schools, organizations, or other groups with one or two designated leaders/contacts for the group.


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