The Alliance of the Southeast (ASE) is an exciting community group that has developed on Chicago’s southeast side.  Only seven years old, ASE is a group of organizations, businesses, schools, churches, community leaders, and individuals who have come together to define and address community problems as they see them.  ASE is all about community members finding and developing their voice and organizing to speak with ONE, STRONG, POWERFUL, VOICE!!

Your investment will help residents and activists work for positive community change, from our work to increase neighborhood safety to supporting a youth council to ensuring the South Works site benefits local residents via jobs and employment opportunities, access to affordable housing, and environmental protections and sustainability.

Your support will help bring about improvements for our neighborhood and opportunities for residents on Chicago’s Southeast side.

If you like what we are doing, there are 3 ways to support ASE:
  • Please consider making a donation to support our work by clicking the “Donate” link below. 
  • You can also support ASE whenever you buy from Amazon by choosing Alianza Leadership Institute as a charity or click: here
  • To consider ASE Membership, starting at $50, click here
Our supporters make all the difference. We are a grassroots organization, rooted in the community- and joining at all levels, $5, $10, $25, or $100 – will help make our Southeast Chicago communities safer, healthier, more powerful and vibrant. Become an ASE ally with a $25 contribution today.

For more information, contact:  773-221-8908.

Thank you for working to build a better Southeast Chicago!

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