Current Initiatives

Some of ASE’s current projects and initiatives include:

  • Protecting Children from Gun Violence: 

More than 220 children across Chicago have been killed from gun violence since 2009. We’re organizing hundreds of Southeast Chicago participants to help bring awareness to this crisis by joining families, churches, and community leaders for a citywide day of action – to urge influential decisionmakers to act, and make our voices heard in the local and national press. We’ll join with other impacted communities to call for an end to the violence.

  • Neighborhood Anti-Violence Working Groups:  

Beginning with three start-up groups in the Bush Neighborhood, the East Side, St. Augustine College and South Chicago, these teams gather key leaders from the business, faith-based, and social service worlds, and meet monthly to plan a variety of anti-violence initiatives and community events –  including community clean up days, parenting support groups, and public police-to-resident meet-ups to improve mutual trust, respect, and communication.

  • Helping Families Find Homes Through the Neighborhood Vacancy Map: 

Abandoned houses create many challenges for our communities, especially in this moment of economic pain, where so many families are looking for housing that is safe, affordable, and secure. We are now creating a comprehensive map of vacant or abandoned houses throughout our neighborhoods, so that responsible owners can be held accountable for their vacancy and so that families who need them can begin the process of finding their home.
southeast chicago houses

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