Germano Millgate Leadership Team

ASE has been working with Germano Millgate residents to address health and safety issues, over the last two years.

Area asthma prevalence is 17-24%. Based on a Germano 2015 survey, 52.4% of the respondents reported that at least one person in their household had asthma. 34.9% of households had asthmatic children and 34.9% had asthmatic adults. For the asthmatic population, 36.4% made at least one trip to the hospital and 41% used an inhaler 3+ times/mo.

We have had several successes in reducing asthma triggers reported in the Germano Millgate complex. Results include:

  • Significant reductions in pests by more than 70%. Results are based on comparisons between 2013 and 2015 surveys, conducted by Germano tenants. This demonstrates the impact of organizing residents to address these asthma-related issues.
  • Relationships with the owner, management, HUD, and the security firm to address asthma triggers/ exacerbators, and
  • An agreement by the owner to use Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds to address the top 5 tenant-identified priorities for major repairs to address asthma triggers and exacerbators, including: 1) tuckpointing and weatherization, 2) fixing leaking pipes, and performing mold inspections and remediation, 3) safety issues/ reducing the incidence of violence at Germano, 4) carpet removal, and 5) ongoing maintenance.

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