Youth Leadership Council

***April 29, 2016 at 3:30pm: Day Without Hate march and rally against violence and bullying. Click the link for more information:

What is the Youth Leadership Council?
Talented, committed, and inspiring youth between the ages of 12 and 17 participate in the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) – an intensive program in civic engagement and social justice. Participants are trained on leadership, community development, and self-empowerment, with the goal of creating an independent team that votes on and leads its own projects in the community.

What does the Youth Leadership Council Do?
With guidance, the Youth Leadership Council discusses problems in the community, and thinks out solutions to fix each problem. Teens work together to implement their vision of a solution. They may team up with community organizations, government figures, the police, and schools to create positive solutions to problems that they encounter in their everyday lives. While the youth have the final say in the project they choose to implement in the community, some examples may include:

  • Organizing community clean-up days
  • Hosting public meetings between police and students/residents to improve mutual trust and communication
  • Painting murals in places where there is often graffiti
  • Building a basketball court or skate park to increase community activity
  • Leading anti-violence workshops in their school, community center, or church

Why join the Youth Leadership Council?
The YLC addresses issues directly, empowers youth to plan and execute their own initiatives, and supports them with the mentoring, leadership tools, and civic engagement skills. In addition, all Youth Leadership Council participants will experience the following direct benefits:

  • Collect credit for service hours
  • Build leadership skills
  • Meet new people from all over the Southeast Side
  • Create programs in the community that THEY want to see

For more information, or to join the Youth Leadership Council, please contact Amalia NietoGomez at 773-221-8908 or 773-800-0322.



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